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Ala Savashevich

Born in 1989, Bielarus
Lives and works in Wrocław, PL


Ala Savashevich uses simple means of expression in her works, but addresses difficult issues: she focuses on themes of social pressure, control mechanisms and oppressive systems. In her artistic practice, she confronts issues of identity, memory, trauma, as well as gender and corporeality in a socio-political context. She often refers to historical phenomena and their impact on the present. In particular, Ala Savashevich is interested in both the protective function of clothing and its role as an instrument of oppression. The apron, made by hand from thousands of braided metal parts, stands for the overwhelming burden of the “image of femininity” ascribed by society. However, it is also a symbol of resistance against the violent, patriarchal “normality” that prevails in many places in social institutions such as the family or school.



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