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Aleksandra Sidor

Born in 1991, Poland
Lives and works in Tomaszów Lubelski, PL


Aleksandra Sidor is a Polish visual artist graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bournemouth (2016 – 2019). Sidor’s visual language is endowed with poststructuralism, psychoanalytic theories, Polish avant-garde works and modern symbolist paintings. She makes unsettling works investigating the concepts of perception, awareness, morality and trauma. Employing a highly ornamental visual language, irony and a surrealist sense of the uncanny, the artist often draws on different writings on psychoanalysis, old illustrations as well as social, cultural and political transformations. Her subject matter revolves around the transformative nature of encounters of bodies with other beings and their power relations. The smooth surface of her works is marked by different layers of paint. Varying the thickness and the angles of brush strokes creates the sense of depth. At the same time, the reflected light from contoured lines directs our attention to the subtle shifts in colour. This fascination with surfaces is used to reflect upon, among others, the peculiar anatomy of her subjects and adds to a multisensory experience of the viewer. Sidor’s interest in perception is directly reflected in her approach to perspective, which is very often the starting point of her aesthetic research. As a result, the figures that she creates are characterised by the deformation of their defining physical attributes. Sidor’s aesthetics are influenced by somber visions of Lars von Trier, but also by the emotional charges of Paula Rego and Francis Bacon, absurdity of Francisco Goya, darkness of Paul Celan. As them, Sidor is unafraid to deeply look at the human nature and face multiple possibilities for interpretation. As an artist she is looking for her truth through her process. She is in search of more encompassing reality, allowing her viewers to pick up elements of her ontology, examine them and put back together. Aleksandra Sidor has recently exhibited at HighArt in Arles/Paris, gratin in New York, eastcontemporary in Milan, beacon in Munich as well as Like a Little Disaster in Poligniano a Mare. Her works were exhibited at international art fair such as Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 or NADA Miami 2022.




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