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Aleksandra Sidor

(b. 1991,Lublin) lives and works in Poland

Aleksandra Sidor is a Polish visual artist graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bournemouth. She makes unsettling paintings investigating the concepts of perception, awareness, morality and trauma. Employing a highly ornamental visual language, irony and a surrealist sense of the uncanny, the artist often draws on different writings on psychoanalysis, old illustrations as well as social, cultural and political transformations. Her subject matter revolves around the transformative nature of encounters of bodies with other beings and their power relations.


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Isabelle Andriessen-Aleksandra Sidor (78 von 92).jpg

At the level of remains

by Aleksandra Sidor and Isabelle Andriessen

Beacon, Liebherrstrasse 8, Munich, DE

Isabelle Andriessen-Aleksandra Sidor (23 von 92).jpg


Baitball #2

Palazzo San Giuseppe, Polignano a mare, ITA

Schermata 2022-05-31 alle 23.53.39.png
eastcontemporary_LesDansesNocturnes_ _50.jpg
eastcontemporary_LesDansesNocturnes_ _20.jpg


Les Danses Nocturnes

curated by eastcontemporary

Spread Museum Entreveaux - Rue de Porte Royale, Entreveaux

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