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Anastasia Sosunova

Born in 1993, Lithuania
Lives and works in Vilnius, LT


In her multidisciplinary practice, Anastasia Sosunova explores the power of systems of control, traditions and religious or enigmatic beliefs to shape the behaviour of individuals and communities today. Through a reflection on understanding and analysing the economic and spiritual structures of her surroundings – in particular with reference to Eastern Europe and Lithuania – the artist envisions arenas in which personal and collective stories, memories of past events, legends, secular faiths and the reinterpretation of ancient mythologies co-exist and interweave. Sosunova works in various modes and media, combining graphics, sculpture, video and installation, in which the acts of worldbuilding and experiencing forms of alternative narrative emerge in realms defined by migrating and hybrid iconographies as well as by multi-layered identities. The unearthing of complex stories, rituals and collective psychologies, re-interpreted in what the artist describes as “an alternative form of contemporary folklore” – something “which teaches me that anything can be made up and everything can become a story, a speaking symbol” – are constant threads running through Sosunova’s work, as are the intersections of memory, fiction and social norms that, through their reframing, shape the contours of our contemporary condition. As the artist stated in a 2021 interview: “I like thinking about most of human culture this way, detecting prayer-charged sites, objects and rituals of the mundane.” Anastasia Sosunova has recently exhibited at Cell Project Space and Whitechapel Gallery in London, Malmö Konstmuseum in Malmö, Centre d’Art Contemporain in Genève, Palais de Tokyo and Centre Pompidou in Paris, FUTURA in Prague, CAC and National Gallery of Arts in Vilnius as well as Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art 2 in Riga.



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