12/06/2021 - 31/10/2021

Entrevaux, FRANCE



curated by eastcontemporary, in collaboration with SPREAD Museum, the VAAC and Entrevaux Municipality.


We are pleased to announce our group exhibition Feral Signals featuring a series of paintings and textile-based works by Eliška Konečná (Czech Republic, b. 1992), Stanislava Kovalčíková (Slovakia, b. 1988) and Lotte Maiwald (Germany, b. 1988). The ‘three sisters’, as we got used to call them adopting the title of the play by Anton Chekhov, each different, but all united by their interest in the exploration of the invisible and the subconscious.

The exhibition Feral Signals conveys the sensation of the somnambule oscillation between dream and reality, exploring in particular a category of ‘place’ in its archetypal and symbolic dimension. Where do we go when we fall asleep? A question we could pose, while immerging ourselves in the depths of the dreamlike, yet unsettling works by these three female artists. When we dream our mind becomes fluid allowing connections to form between sometimes remote concepts - the eponymous ‘feral signals’ - which we might not notice in the structure of waking thought. The works of Konečná, Kovalčíková and Maiwald seem to be as intimate and untamed as a night’s sleep during which their subconscious finds the protagonists of their future pictorial and textile compositions. All of them create a narrative context of a mysterious fairy tale that could be a mere whisper before falling asleep. Following the random juxtapositions typical for dreams, the artists create magical and enigmatic works, which disturb and fascinate us all at once, and while suggesting rather than defining the content, they encourage the viewer to open up to its inner self and personal associations.