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Eliška Konečná

Born in 1992, Czech Republic
Lives and works in Prague, CZ


Eliška Konečná graduated from the Painting Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2020 (Studio led by Robert Šalanda and Lukáš Machalický 2018 - 2020). Konečná’s work stems from an effort to display the untouchable abstract reality, which she interprets into material dimension. This effort relates to her long-term interest in communication and its boundaries. The organic materials and techniques such as woodcarving and embroidery are at the core of Konečná’s artistic research. In her recent works and installations, she is particularly interested in the human sense of touch and the dynamic relationship between the physical and the spiritual. She encourages the viewer to settle into the world of her hand-crafted artifacts balancing on the fleeting border of wakefulness and sleep, tactile and immaterial. The floaty shapes of her wooden and soft bas-reliefs often underline the transgression of the body and its visual narratives related to the corporeality perceived through the prism of desires and drives. "Eliška Konečná's works are an ode to sensuality. Bare, timeless, universal sensuality. Her characters, such as antique gods, often give in to temptation, leading them to unavoidable mistakes. Their bodies exist both as the manifestation of their desire and the vessel of their punishment. Bodies with basic needs struggling with their souls and their morality issues. It is a mythology we feel already familiar with. Too familiar in fact, to experience any empathy towards its characters. We observe them as we meditate in dreams, seeing ourselves in every character, waiting to see how it ends, because we might learn what we have to fear. In Eliška Konečná's artworks, emotion is treated as a background of sensoriality, or as its direct consequence. If her subjects often illustrate a notion of impossibility, it is deprived of frustration, if they illustrate the notion of desire, it is pointless. Here resignation and acceptance take the place of guilt and pain, as eventually the bodies, limited by their own humanity, are transcended by their ability of neutrality." (an excerpt from the text by Caroline Krzyszton) Konečná has recently exhibited at Public Gallery in London, Below Grand Gallery in New York, Rondo Sztuki in Katowice, Polansky Gallery, Karlín Studios as well as Berlínskej Model in Prague.




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