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Giulia Crețulescu

Born in 1994, Craiova, Romania.
Lives and works in Bucharest, Romania


Graduate of the National University of Art Bucharest, Graphics department. One of the main focuses of the artist's endeavor is the study of design through the lenses of ergonomy that portrays the object in direct relation to the human body, as an extension of its abilities and the way in which we relate with the artistic object vs. the functional, day-to-day object. Ergonomics is viewed as a discipline that works in understanding and creating an object capable of turning itself into an invisible entity whose functions take over the role of mediator between humans and their actions. The interest for the liminal, trans-categorical character of an object comes due to the desire to place the artistic object under an uncertain status that approaches and forces the viewer to come up with a series of possible ontologies in which they develop. Through her hybrid works, Cretulescu transforms a potential prosthetic element capable of enhancing the architecture of the body into a disturbing totemic and fetishistic object, limited to observation, while suggesting a readiness to embrace a body that has not yet been built. Cretulescu has recently exhibited at Fragment Gallery in New York, Biennale Art Encounters in Timisoara and National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest. Her works are part of the permanent collection of The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, ING Art Collection as well as private ones. In April she will participate in a group show at Contemporary Art Center in Vilnius.

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