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Immersed in the suggestive landscapes of the medieval fortified town of Entrevaux, the group exhibition ‘Les Danses Nocturnes’ presents a series of works by international emerging artists who take mythology and the spiritual force of nature as a core of their artistic explorations and multilayered narratives.


The unique setting of Entrevaux, characterized by the rich presence of water, forests and rocky mountains, serves as a starting point for reflections on Slavic cosmology, particularly the beautiful but fierceful female spirits presiding over nature. The theme of the exhibition arises from the Slavic myths about Rusałka (plural: Rusałki) – a female entity which was believed to live in groups in mountain caves and forests located in proximity to water reservoirs.


The exhibition ‘Les Danses Nocturnes’ presents contemporary works ranging from painting and sculpture to installation and sound art, which oscillate between the uncanny dream state and beautifully surreal fairytale. Both unsettling and tempting, joyful and malevolent, the parallel worlds imagined by artists emanate a distinct spiritual and innocently sensual energy.


Allegorizing phenomena of nature, Rusałki and other mythical creatures will guide the viewer into the ambiguity of human’s metaphysical relationship with nature, perceived as the fusion of beauty and hostility. The exhibition emanates a surreal suspension and expectation of something carnivalesque or grotesque that is about to happen.