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Inside Job

Ula Lucińska & Michał Knychaus

b. 1992, 1987, live and work in Poznań

Ula Lucińska and Michał Knychaus work together as the Inside Job duo. Their practice is based on the use of different mediums and materials, which often leads to the creation of specific, multi-layered environments. They focus on the processes of how identities are constructed, including the identities of places, within the context of dynamic changes such as: the climate crisis, technological acceleration, political shifts and growing anxiety about the unknown future. Many of their projects refer to futuristic and post-catastrophic scenarios.


singl works IJ


Projects/Exhib. IJ


“Architecture of Lust”

K.I.N.A.S “Panemune”, Kaunas, Lithuania

Curated by Tautvydas Urbelis

Photography by Lukas Mykolaitis


Voracity loop by Inside Job and Botond Keresztesi

ALDEA, Bergen, Norway

Text by Adriana Blidaru

Photos: Thor Brødreskift